Scaled Dungeon

The Scaled Dungeon is a ccRO Seasonal Server custom dungeon where you can fight most of the game's MVPs scaled to any difficulty level.
It can be entered with the Scaled Dungeon Warper (prontera 141,179).

Scaled Dungeon Warper

You need to be a party leader, and entering will warp all your party members inside.
If you leave the dungeon, you won't be able to re-enter the same instance again. Instead, you'll have to enter a new instance from start.
There are 17 Difficulty levels in the dungeon. When the season starts, only Difficulty 1 will be available. A new Difficulty level becomes available every 2 days.
The time limit inside this dungeon is 2 hours.

How it works

Once inside, you'll be in a 80x80 ring arena surrounded by 12 small islands.

Scaled Dungeon Map

This dungeon works on stages and right now you're in the planning phase of Stage 1. You have to decide with your team which of the 3 presented MVP rooms you wish to fight, and you can use your storage and repair equipment in this phase.
Once the party leader decides which MVP to fight, the NPCs in the middle disappear, and all party members are dispelled and split up randomly on the islands, and the arena is populated by monsters. Each island has a one-way teleporter to enter the arena. You can't go back to the safe island once inside the arena so it's up to you to decide when it's the right time to group up with your partners.
Your objective is to kill all monsters. Once all monsters are dead, the Stage is considered complete, you are fully healed, get your rewards, the NPCs in the middle reappear and next Stage planning phase starts, where a new set of 3 MVP choices is randomized. Also, Super Novices will have their Steel Body skill available again if spent.
Stage 5 will provide double rewards and the players will be warped back to prontera once finished.


Monsters inside the Scaled Dungeon do not provide EXP or DROPS. Instead, rewards will be received when Stages are complete.
The Stage rewards are EXP and card coins. The amount depends on the Difficulty of the dungeon:

  • Base EXP: 20000 x (100 x DF)  x Server Rates
  • Job EXP: 15000 x (100 x DF) x Server Rates
  • Card Coins: 0.025 x (100 x DF + 2) x (1 + 1/party_count).

where DF depends on the Difficulty level (see this link.)

The decimal part of the card coin reward will convert to chance to get a card coin. For example, on DF 0.50 with 3 players in the party, the value is 1.73, meaning each player will receive a card coin, with an 73% chance to get a second.
If there's a party member more than 15 Base levels above you, you'll not receive any EXP.
EXP gained this way can be increased by the Battle Manual.
Stage 5 will provide double rewards.
Other than the stage rewards, there are a few specific rewards as listed below.


Milestone rewards can be received by beating Stage 5 for the first time in each Difficulty (beating a higher Difficulty than your current will consider as beating the current).
The first 12 Milestones will grant you an account-wide bonus of 25% drop chance bonus against monsters up to a certain level. The level limit starts at 11 on Milestone 1 and rises by 8 on every new Milestone up to 99 on Milestone 12.
From Milestone 13 to 17, every Milestone will grant you an account-wide bonus of, in sequence, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% (total 15%) Damage (all types) and Resistance vs Legendary MVPs (outside the scaled dungeon). 


There are a total of 42 different MVP rooms, each consisting of one MVP and several monsters.
Each Stage will have 3 options of rooms. All of those have the same chance to be rolled, except the 6 "Bio Lab 3" MVP rooms, which have a third of the normal chance. Those rooms also can't be rolled on Stage 1 and on Difficulties lower than 13.
The Stage 1 is randomized differently than the others. Instead of being rolled on your instance, the options of rooms, as well as the island orders are decided globally to the whole server and rerolled daily at @time = 0:00.
To see the contents of each room please visit this link.
The room choices also include a random Modifier, which can be:

  • Double MVPs
  • Double normal mobs
  • 30% stronger mobs: Multiplies the monsters SF by 1.3
  • Mob Move Speed +50% 
  • Mob DEF/MDEF + 20
  • Mob ASPD +100%
  • Mob HIT/FLEE + 50
  • Unstoppable mobs: Monsters have permanent Endure effect and are immune to knockback and status Freeze, Stun, Sleep and Stone Curse
  • Mob aggro range + 12: Monsters go aggressive on players from 12 Tiles further
  • Player vision - 6: Players see units from 6 Tiles less range
  • Hydra Walls: 20 Hydras (mobid 1068) are spawned with EF=120 in each diagonal of the map. They don't need to be killed.
  • Novus Spawns: 1 Novus (mobid 1715) is spawned with EF=10 every 15 seconds at a random spot. They don't need to be killed.
  • Landmine Traps: 200 Landmine Traps are scattered around the map. The traps damage can be reduced by Resistance vs size Small, race Insect and property Earth. The traps are invulnerable to damage and knockback.
  • Status Traps: 40 Skid, Shockwave, Ankle Snare, Sandman, Flasher and Freezing traps are scattered around the map. The traps are invulnerable to damage and knockback.
  • Magic Totems: 8 Thorns of Magic (mobid 1960) are spawned with EF=0.4. They are unstoppable and do not do basic attacks, and don't need to be killed.
  • Support Totems: 8 Thorns of Purification (mobid 1961) and 16 Thorns of Recovery (mobid 1959) are spawned with EF=0.4. They are unstoppable and do not do basic attacks, and don't need to be killed.
  • No Healing Items: Players do not receive HP/SP from items. Other consumables can be used.
  • No HP/SP Regen
  • No Safe Zone: Players are warped directly to the arena instead of a safe island
  • Protected Floor: Floor is filled with Land Protector. The Resistance value gained from the Dryad card is denied.
  • Fish Madness: normal mobs are swapped with 30 Swordfishes and 30 Marcs (EF=10). They have 50% Move Speed bonus.
  • Fish Vanguard: normal mobs are swapped with 5 Stroufs (EF=32). They are "Unstoppable".

Monster Stat Scaling Calculations

SF = DF × PF × EF


  • SF: Scale Factor. The final value that scales the monsters stats.
  • DF: Difficulty Factor. Depends on the Difficulty level. A value between 0.02 (Difficulty 1) and 5 on (Difficulty 22), that determines the mission difficulty and rewards. See this link.
  • PF: Party Factor. The value is 1.0 if going solo, and is added by 0.7 for every additional party member.
  • EF: Equalizer Factor. A specific value given to every monster ID and its summons, to bring them all to similar power.

Monster Stat Changes

  • HP is multiplied by SF0.85
  • ATK, Attack Speed are multiplied by SF0.3
  • STR, AGI, VIT*, INT, DEX, LUK are multiplied by SF0.15
  • Move Speed, Stagger Recover Speed are multiplied by SF0.1
  • Level is added by 120 × (SF0.09 - 1) if SF > 1
  • Level is subtracted by 120 × (SF-0.09 - 1) if SF < 1

*Ice Pick and Investigate use the database value of VIT for damage calculation instead of this one.

Additionally, a multiplier of SF0.45 is applied to the monster's damage, and a multiplier of SF0.6 is applied to the monster's healing.