ccRO in-game rules


Using Bots:
Players caught using bots will have all related accounts banned until the end of the season, and the card album will be reseted to zero cards. This punishment can be higher on reincidences.

Multi Clienting:
Our client allows two open instances of the game simultaneously, and operating more accounts by using a different computer is allowed. However, the natural auto-follow function of the game has been removed and using third party ways to bring back the auto-follow function will result in a 3-day ban (higher on reincidences).

AFK Farming:
Simply leaving your character idle in the field is allowed as long as no third party programs (Macros) or tricks are being used to operate or break the 5-minute idle check. If that's the case a 3-day ban (higher on reincidences) will be applied, and the items assumed to have been farmed illegally will be removed.

Kill Stealing:
Kill stealing is allowed.

Mob Training:
Mob Training is allowed.

Speaking Other Languages:
While we kindly ask you to keep non-english messages in more private places, it is allowed to speak any language, unless previously warned by an Admin.