Card Captor Ragnarok Online [Event Server]: 16th ~ 23th March 2020

Server Location: US-East


EXP [Base 3x | Job 3x]
DROPS [Items 0x | Equips 0x]
Cards [Normal 5% | Elite 10% | Boss 20% | MVP 50% | Epic 100% | Legendary 100%]


- Maximum level: 75/50 (1st class only)
- EXP rate: 3x
- Monster do not drop anything except for zeny and cards (The thief skill Steal will steal zeny instead of items)
- Equipment can't be equipped / unequipped
- Most original NPCs have been removed, except some related to area access



Event Classes


@rates    @refresh      @autotrade @help     @noask    @breakguild @die
@autoloot @autoloottype @alootid @noks @time @showexp @whereis
@hominfo @commands @jailtime @request @homstats @mobinfo
@rank @ranking



Some of the cards are flagged as Bounties. When the Event Server ends (7 days after start), all cards you have that are flagged as Bounty will be given to your Seasonal Server account. The Bounties will be the following cards:

- Aliot          - Gig          - Seyren Windsor   - Odium of Thanatos
- Megalith       - Kasa         - Deviace          - Detardeurus
- Heater         - Agav         - Mobster          - Lady Tanee
- Hermit Plant   - Apocalipse   - Dragon Fly       - Baphomet
- Galion         - Frus         - Chepet           - High Wizard



- Bonfire (free healer, with 60 second cooldown) 
- Warper (free warper to all dungeon entrances and some fields)
- Tool Dealer (sells tool dealer items, blue potion, red gemstone, elemental converters and stat food)
- Bounties (shows which Bounties you have completed and which are missing)
- Cards Ranking (shows the top 10 @rank and let's you choose your @rank name)
- Stylist
- Storage
- Banker
- Repeated Card Trader



- NO botting [Gepard Shield]
- NO multi-client allowed [Gepard Shield]